About Me

About Rainy

My Name is Rainy Summers and this is my blog, my little place on the internet to share my thoughts and my feelings. I am a women after all! So what will you fin here? Pretty much anything and everything that excites, disturbs or makes me feel like penning and sharing it. As this page is about me I will share a little more about who I am and my family whom I adore.

I live in Sydney Australia and moved from Europe 8 years ago. I was a little nervous when I first moved, new friends, new environment, will people accept me, or will I be teased and ridiculed. Those thought and feeling soon subsided as soon as I arrived. My family and I were treated with warmth and kindness that we haven’t experienced before. Everyone was os friendly and inviting it was unbelievable. Fast forward eight years and I know call Australia home. I have become a citizen of this lovely country and enjoy every minute of it.

Sydney is an amazing place to live, so many things to do and such a multicultural, vibrant city.

I am now married with two children and am a housewife / personal assistant to my husband who runs his own business.

Thanks fror visiting my website and I hope you enjoy the read.